About Us

Take a few moments to browse our ministry pages to learn more about First Baptist Forest Park. You’ll find a congregation committed to caring for our community!
Missions and Vision
Mission and vision are crucial to any church. In “mission” we explain why this church exists & what we hope to accomplish. Our “vision” points to the future…who it is we are becoming and where we are going as a congregation. “Sharing Jesus: From Main Street to the World” is both the mission and vision of our church. It is why we exist and what we hope to accomplish as a congregation. Everything we do as a church, we seek to relate it to “Sharing Jesus from Main Street to the World.” As we ourselves are becoming conformed to the image of Jesus, we want to share Him with others.
In the midst of a transitioning community, the church made the intentional decision some 15 years ago to remain where God had planted us over a hundred years before. We are committed to reaching our community with the gospel, and impacting the world with our resources, prayers and involvement. There is a renewed spirit of joy in the task we’ve been called to do. We’re excited about the future of this historic church! There is no doubt that God has great things in store for FBC Forest Park.